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What is the meaning of Chang in Hindi?

Meaning of Chang in Hindi is : चांग

Definition of word Chang

  • A traditional harp of central and southwest Asia (noun)

Examples of word Chang

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a label chang ...
  • September 21st, 2005 at 1: 09 am tbolt says: with big brother having vanquished the evil doers in Iraqi the only thing left is for jeb the gloden sword chang an there hord of sheeples is to invade mars!
  • When on the street, they wear what is called the chang-ot; it consists of a long white or green cloak, with green cuffs and collar, cut like a sack.
  • There is a peculiar ceremony, called "chang'-tu," performed now and then when i'-chu, the small omen bird, visits the pueblo.
  • "chang'-an" or "i'-sa chang'-an," "chu'-wa chang'-an," etc. Chi-pa 'is the measure between the tips of the two middle fingers when the arms are extended full length in opposite directions. Chi-wan' si chi-pa 'is half the above measure, or from the tip of the middle finger of one hand, arm extended from side of body, to the sternum.


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