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What is the meaning of Chain in Hindi?

Meaning of Chain in Hindi is : ज़ंजीर

Definition of word Chain

  • A series of interconnected rings or links usually made of metal. (noun)
    परस्पर जुड़े हुए छल्ले या लिंक की एक श्रृंखला जो आमतौर पर धातु से बनी होती है।
  • To fasten something with a chain. (verb)
    किसी चीज को जंजीर से बांधना।

Examples of word Chain

    • These causes of war do not appear, however, to be of the nature of a _chain_, giving us the impression that in order to break the habit of war, all we need do is to discover the weakest link in the chain of causes, break the chain there, and so interrupt the whole mechanism of war-making in the world.
    • The gneiss of the littoral chain* contains traces of the precious metals (* In the southern branch of this chain which passes by Yusma, Villa de Cura and Ocumare, particularly near Buria, Los Teques and Los Marietas.); and some grains of gold have been found in the mountains of Parima, near the mission of Encaramada.
    • II. i.195 (251,4) [usurer's chain] I know not whether the _chain_ was, in our authour's time, the common ornament of wealthy citizens, or whether he satirically uses _usurer_ and _alderman_ as synonymous terms.
    • The gangs belt the city like a huge chain from the Battery to Harlem—the collective name of the “chain gang” has been given to their scattered groups in the belief that a much closer connection exists between them than commonly supposed—and the ruffian for whom the East Side has became too hot, has only to step across town and change his name, a matter usually much easier for him than to change his shirt, to find a sanctuary in which to plot fresh outrages.
    • This ubiquitin chain is recognised in the opening of the proteasome.
    • I had long suspected that the effect would be non-asymptotic with the length of the chain; that is, that the perturbation of the configuration by the exclusion of one segment of the chain from the space occupied by another would increase without limit as the chain is lengthened.
    • There are several online services, most used by the attorneys who clearly show the title chain and any property transfers having taken place in the available public record.
    • In contrast the term chain looks much much more manly.
    • Historians use the term chain migration to describe the way past migration encourages present migration: migrants encourage and sponsor friends and relatives to join them.