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  • A million-dollar painting by Marc Chagall is stolen from a museum.
  • Seeing a piece from a distance, Major Bob would say, "Now, that's a really bad Chagall" — but it would turn out to be painted in Chagall's extremely late period, when he was dead, and would be signed by someone local.
  • But - though the biographer doesn't put it this way in "Chagall" - one mother rebuffed him, despite his lifelong attempt to please her:
  • Now the engravings are on display for the first time as part of an exhibit at Paris's Museum of Jewish Art and History called "Chagall and the Bible," presenting 105 engravings by Chagall to illustrate his famed 1956 edition of the Bible.
  • His Chagall is a reminder to accept both his sadness and the change.
  • What "Chagall" does provide, however, is an overdue re-appreciation of the work with which Chagall shocked the world between 1908 and 1920, establishing himself thereby as one of the last century's most original modernists.
  • "Chagall," by Jackie Wullschlager, the chief art critic of the Financial Times, is the first critical study of the artist since 1962 and the first one informed by access to the archive of letters, photographs and works of art owned by Meret Meyer Graber, Chagall's granddaughter.
  • They staged shows of "degenerate art" with work by artists, such as Chagall, next to pictures by the insane. 1966Edward Kienholz's assemblage of lovers in "Back Seat Dodge '38," was called obscene by the board of the Los Angeles County Museum.
  • There was Lauren Child's, "The Princess and the Pea" done in a shadowbox format, much like those found in "Chagall", and "City Beats" by S.