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What is the meaning of Celeste in Hindi?

Meaning of Celeste in Hindi is : आसमानी

Definition of word Celeste

  • A female given name borrowed from French Céleste, ultimately Latin caelestis "heavenly". (proper noun)
    फ्रांसीसी सेलेस्टे से उधार ली गई एक महिला का नाम, अंततः लैटिन कैलेस्टिस "स्वर्गीय"।

Examples of word Celeste

  • Имя файла J: DOC\_Music1\___Celeste - Celeste (1976) Celeste - Celeste. wav
  • Celeste is approaching fifteen, the age when she may be given in marriage to an older man in her isolated, rural commune.
  • Celeste is a tremendous and inspiring mind, a great speaker and has fantastic insight into the challenges we face in delivering great interfaces.
  • Celestial Heavens the baby might be, but even before the ink on her birth certificate was dry, my sister was being called Celeste, as she has been from that day forward.
  • Eric Celeste is the new editor at Spirit magazine, and the press release to prove it follows.
  • I called Celeste and Shaddy to share the news...no one picked up.