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What is the meaning of Carrie in Hindi?

Meaning of Carrie in Hindi is :

Definition of word Carrie

  • A pet form of Caroline, also used as a formal female given name. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Carrie

  • It's going to be CARRIE because it was always going to be Carrie.
  • I appreciate the feedback. the fact of the matter is tho that carrie has the advantage over a lot of other country artists of already being very mainstream. the pop world knos who she is, so she will always remain the number 1 true country artist imo. not having a remix isnt going to hurt her career becca TI hope Carrie sticks to her guns here.
  • Either way, we should get some nice red carpet pix, etc. i think carrie will be performing at the grammy party for cliveI'm just glad Carrie will be attending the pregrammy party I hopeShe probably won't perform, like you said, the whole album thing.
  • I am preparing for the fact that TS might beat CArrie in the one Category -- since it is fan voted and her BFF kellie Pickler got her whole fan base to vote against Carrie.
  • Carrie in "Carrie" (Sissy Spacek): This girl geek doesn't just turn the tables — she upends the entire friggin 'prom.


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