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What is the meaning of Cam in Hindi?

Meaning of Cam in Hindi is : गति बदलनेवाला पहिये का उभडा भाग

Definition of word Cam

  • A diminutive of the male given name Cameron. (proper noun)
    पुरुष का एक छोटा नाम कैमरून दिया गया।

Examples of word Cam

  • Joseph says: @Cam: Cam, you probably shouldn't waste your time pointing out facts to ...
  • The Gay Numbers says: Cam: The point of the article is not about ridicule, but about whether its ... fem in the city says: @Cam: Gays and women are the only targets left that Hollywood trash is allowed ...
  • Cam says: @Debbie: You said @Cam:Wellrumour has it that Rolling Stone was at the Finale, and that ...
  • Cam says: @InExile: you said "No. 6 · InExile @Cam: Why do you lump Hillary in with Obama? ...
  • To overcome the need for a larger oil pump, Ford worked with Borg-Warner to devise what they call Cam Torque Actuated VCT.
  • Served "with the 7th in Cam Rahn Bay and Happy Valley."
  • Cam is kind of an enigma -- I'm not sure I know him well yet, and I need to make him a fully fleshed out, interesting character.