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What is the meaning of Cai in Hindi?

Meaning of Cai in Hindi is :

Definition of word Cai

  • Anglicized form of a common Chinese surname. (proper noun)
    एक सामान्य चीनी उपनाम का अंग्रेजी रूप।

Examples of word Cai

  • Ambassador Karr regarded the Captains teardrop stomach, covered only by a sheer cloth that allowed him to see the erotic and powerful exposure of her fertility. “Captain Cai, our cleaning efforts have been intense.
  • Captain Cai put her hand on her pregnant stomach, indicating she wished him to be silent.
  • Captain Cai switched off the screen. “Adia, you are out of line. ” The Ensign put a hand on her stomach. “It is treason to raise your voice to a woman with child. ”
  • Captain Cai swallowed. “To strike a fertile woman is an act of treason, the punishment for which is death.
  • The cold weather often makes you hesitate to go out but never let it put off your idea of dining out at night when you are in Lao Cai and other provinces in northern Vietnam.
  • Captain Cai looked around her command center, where sixteen women were operating the ship at various stations, all of them at different stages of their pregnancy.
  • Captain Cai put her forehead in her hands. “You read the reports, the soil is dangerous. ” “Yes.