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What is the meaning of Bryn in Hindi?

Meaning of Bryn in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bryn

  • A male given name of Welsh origin from a word meaning hill or mound. (proper noun)

Examples of word Bryn

  • A memorial use will be reason upon Feb 7 during eleven AM during a Church of a Redeemer in Bryn Mawr.
  • Bryn is such a beautiful little baby … Bethenny looks OVER the moon!!
  • | Inquirer | 06/28/2007: On Sunday, animal-control officers captured a three-foot alligator at the park, a surprising find that came three days after they pinched a five-footer less than a mile downstream, in Bryn Athyn.
  • The dog is described as the size of a labrador, is brinley and black in colour and he called Bryn.
  • I find them ironic as well, although in the fifties, “ironic” was a term we Bryn Mawr English majors could stay up all night debating the nuances of, the way my daughter-in-law goes on and on about cacao percentages in chocolate, or how much artificial sweetener or sodium is in every box on my pantry shelf.
  • He came to the hill called Bryn Myr. in at dusk, and slept again by a wood.
  • “I see it very clearly,” said I. “Well, your worship, that’s called Bryn y Llo — the Hill of the Calf, or the Calf Plynlimmon, which makes the sixth summit.”
  • The band played them all and played them well, then quickly warmed into a happy, feverish triplet of a loose-and-free "Bryn," the Auto-Tune tweaked