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What is the meaning of Bryan in Hindi?

Meaning of Bryan in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bryan

  • A male given name, a less common spelling of Brian. (proper noun)

Examples of word Bryan

  • BRYAN, Texas - Former Houston Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini has been charged with driving while intoxicated following a traffic accident in Bryan, Texas.
  • Released last year, Mr. Murray's "Pretend It's the End of the World" under the name Bryan and the Haggards is an album of Merle Haggard songs played by two saxophones, guitar, bass and drums.
  • If the name Bryan Stow doesn't register, you might remember him as the San Francisco Giants fan who made the fateful mistake of attending opening day at Dodger Stadium while wearing the jersey of the team he has loved all his life.
  • Anyway, her name is Isabel (because, of course, it contains two conspicuous letters in 'Bryan' as normally spelled).
  • Update: My cousin Bryan asked a good question: who are these conservative evangelicals who object to the Newsweek story?
  • Used this information to receive help from the local VA organization in Bryan, Ohio, to obtain help with paying bills.
  • Wizard World Philadelphia isn't until June 19-21, but Josh Bryan is already preparing for the show -- the last show, he believes, Wizard will hold in Philadelphia.
  • Bryan is the smaller blonde haired indavidual from team 7. two of the indaviduals (Tom, and Rob) were Marine Corps Delta.,
  • Bryan is quite correct that the writings of the great dead philosophers contain plenty of bad arguments.
  • In either case, Bryan is still out of luck as I believe he is still nursing that VHS machine. via Wikipedia and ICv2