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What is the meaning of Brunei in Hindi?

Meaning of Brunei in Hindi is :

Definition of word Brunei

  • A country in Southeast Asia. (proper noun)
    दक्षिण पूर्व एशिया का एक देश।

Examples of word Brunei

  • I will be flyin off to brunei tonight .. and i need to apply for auto roaming urgently .. but i need to know how would the person calling from Singapore to Brunei be charged?
  • The positive and overwhelming figure reflects the BRUNEI: Methanol produced in Brunei will be ready for export mainly to
  • The event was organised by well-known local bloggers in Brunei with support from food contributors.
  • Lots of known primates in Brunei, so would need better details to determine if this is an actual "mystery" or not.
  • The master of the surprising yet apt detail is Bruce Sterling; I point to his "Green Days in Brunei" as an exemplar.
  • This is not just a question of our future training with the "Sings" in Brunei, of flying test sorties with the Indian air force, of conducting major annual exercises in Thailand, or of utilizing a soon-to-open training facility in northern Australia with the approval of our alliance partners.
  • Its ethnically blind military meritocracy, its nurturing concern for the welfare of officers and enlisted men alike, and its jungle-warfare school in Brunei are second to none.
  • His 36-year career with Shell has spanned all its major businesses, including assignments in Brunei, Gabon, South Africa, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.