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What is the meaning of Bow in Hindi?

Meaning of Bow in Hindi is : सिर झुकाना

Definition of word Bow

  • The front of a boat or ship. (noun)
    नाव या जहाज के सामने।
  • To play music on (a stringed instrument) using a bow. (verb)
    धनुष का उपयोग करके (एक तार वाला वाद्य यंत्र) पर संगीत बजाना।

Examples of word Bow

    • Now, you see, _if in the moment of sliding you prepare the bow for the next string, the slide itself is lost in the crossing of the bow_.
    • Any personal best whitetail with my bow is my current dream buck.
    • Once a bow is about a year old, nobody want them anymore.
    • It's about extending one's hunting season and a bow is a way to do that.
    • Nor do I have a problem wit hnoise with my bow, in fact, my bow is actually quite respectfully quiet! out of all this though, we do bth in deed agree on one thing ...
    • Many folks consider a bow is an antique if it is over 5 years old and I guarantee a bow with all accessories will cost you more than $1000.