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What is the meaning of Bonafide in Hindi?

Meaning of Bonafide in Hindi is : सद्भावना

Definition of word Bonafide

Examples of word Bonafide

  • In court, Lynde acknowledged killing only a kitten called Bonafide, found with a broken neck in January 2009.
  • Boy's name is Lonnie Webster aka Bonafide Hustler.
  • Newer tracks feature Bonney's adroit rhymes and plentiful brand-name dropping, including “Killer People,” “Get Me, "" The Feeling "with Buckshot and GZA, and" Bonafide, "a Wale-assisted gem from Bonney's vaults.
  • El artista Bonafide Rojas recita una selección de poemas de Pedro Pietri en la esquina del East Harlem Café, seguido de un taller de poesía donde puedes componer y recitar tu propio poema.
  • One of my favorite approaches from a blogger (The Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius) asked businesses who were pitching products to her to donate $100 to Doctors Without Borders in exchange for her writing about the product.


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