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What is the meaning of Bonafide in Hindi?

Meaning of Bonafide in Hindi is : सद्भावना

Definition of word Bonafide

  • made sincerely, in good faith (adjective)
  • genuine or authentic (adjective)

Examples of word Bonafide

  • The quality and uniqueness lit the fire in what can now be called a bonafide success story.
  • JOHNS: OK, so does anybody really know how many so-called bonafide fugitive aliens there are in this country?
  • He never had the kind of bonafide drug or alcohol problem that plagues nearly every successful rock musician eventually, and therefore can probably count on having a normal life expectancy, which not only fills me with unimaginable delight but also makes me wonder how the hell this man is going to come up with a comparable third act, and, yes, a satisfying denouement.
  • The possession of bill makes a consumer a "bonafide" customer and its absence robs him of a stronger footing in courts if he challenges a sale.
  • Network, Robertson, a former Republican candidate for the US presidency, makes Sarah Palin look like a 'bonafide' intellectual.


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