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What is the meaning of Bombay in Hindi?

Meaning of Bombay in Hindi is : इस नाम का अंग्रेजी हवाई जहाज जो सैनिको को ले जाने में प्रयुक्त होता है

Definition of word Bombay

  • Mumbai, the state capital of Maharashtra, India. (proper noun)
    मुंबई, भारत के महाराष्ट्र राज्य की राजधानी।

Examples of word Bombay

  • Fitzgerald, the Governor of Bombay, as follows: -- ` _Sir Bartle Frere wishes health and prosperity to all old friends in Bombay_. '
  • Presidency of Bombay in favor of Ragoba, did afterwards, when it appeared that those negotiations were _entirely laid aside_, declare that his apprehension of the consequence of a pretended _intrigue_ between the Mahrattas and the French _was the sole motive of all the late measures taken for the support of the Presidency of Bombay_; but that neither of the preceding declarations contained the true motives and objects of the said Hastings, whose real purpose, as it appeared soon after, was, to make use of the superiority of the British power in
  • PHOTO: A blogger named Vinu in Bombay is uploading photos of damage from the attacks, including the image above; more photos are being uploaded as I type this post (thanks, Maurice Reeves).
  • I think my Grandmother's home in Bombay is an extreme case, where, at some point, my grandmother and aunt got tired of the jangling doorbell and now just prop the door open all day.
  • The city of Bombay is home to a vast and vibrant community of Gujaratis and my grandmom (aji) in Bombay has a host of Gujarati neighbors and friends.
  • Living and eating in Bombay is what started me off on a firm foodie footing.
  • Just to drive in the twenty miles or so from Santa Cruz to Bombay is to confront a festering mass of degrading humanity, for which despite his reading the imagination of the Westerner has not really prepared him.
  • SlumDog tells nothing about Bombay, haven't seen SlumDog but lived in Bombay for almost 6 months and that is my opinion sandeepa
  • While Bombay is the city of the middle classes comfortable with an imperial multiculturalism in which they occupied an upper berth, Mumbai is the city of the working and lower classes.
  • The southern end of Bombay is a playground for ideas in Gothic decoration that make St Pancras look like the work of Mies van der Rohe.