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What is the meaning of Bombardier in Hindi?

Meaning of Bombardier in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bombardier

  • An enclosed passenger vehicle, propelled over snow and ice by caterpillar tracks and steered by skis. (noun)
    एक संलग्न यात्री वाहन, जो कैटरपिलर ट्रैक्स द्वारा बर्फ और बर्फ पर चलाया जाता है और स्की द्वारा संचालित होता है।

Examples of word Bombardier

  • BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION: Bombardier riceve un ordine dalle ferrovie svizzere (SBB) per 59 convogli interurbani TWINDEXX a due piani
  • Bombardier is a Canadian company specializing in designing and manufacturing transportation equipment.
  • I read recently that Bombardier is establishing a manufacturing plant near the airport in Queretaro and that city officials are actively seeking other company relocations such as Pratt & Whitney, GE and Rolls-Royce to compliment Bombardier.
  • Bombardier is the only remaining manufacturer in North America and we have captured over 30 per cent of this continental market.
  • Bombardier is seen as an integral part of Northern Ireland because of the importance of its Shorts aircraft operation to the economy of the province.
  • The name Bombardier is related to products of world renown such as the Bombardier 415 seaplane, the only one of its kind, and better known in Europe under the name of Canadair; the revolutionary twin-jet CRJ regional transport aircraft and the world-famous twin-jets Learjet, Challenger and Global Express business aircraft.
  • Canada’s Bombardier is the sector leader, building models such as the Global Express, which can seat up to 19 passengers plus crew and fly more than 11,000 kilometers (6,835 miles), far enough to go from London to Dubai, for example.
  • Canadian safety regulators acted on Monday, roughly a quick three weeks later, following a move the same day by Montreal-based Bombardier, which issued its own safety alert urging stepped up landing-gear inspections.
  • Here in the Unites States it's also known as a Bombardier but we're calling it Bombardier this morning. just the way I grew up calling it -