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What is the meaning of Blue in Hindi?

Meaning of Blue in Hindi is : समुद्र

Definition of word Blue

  • A surname. An anglicization of German Blau. (proper noun)

Examples of word Blue

  • When you're out of the blue and into the black - Neil Young, Out of the Blue
  • Diamine fast yellow A and 1/4 lb. Diamine sky blue, and the silk with 1 lb. Erythrosine B. _Brown and Blue.
  • Having a blue and yellow ladder for a head, red square-shaped shorts and bright purple sneakers, Blue was the target of many hugs.
  • The city voted down the gay-rights ordinance and banned musical concerts in the parks, and a group complained when a local high school chose the name Blue Devils for its football team.
  • You could have found the text by searching for the term Blue-eyed in any source-page that contained this post.
  • The name Blue is very, very unusual for a girl - it's actually 7,214 on our list.
  • It also addresses a little bit of the the significance of the name "Blue Ivy": "Baby I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you."
  • If the name Blue State Digital sounds familiar, it is because of the agency's work on Obama for America, helping Barack Obama be elected president in 2008.