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What is the meaning of Bloor in Hindi?

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Definition of word Bloor

Examples of word Bloor

  • This movie is gonna be awesome. skaught for anyone in the toronto area, the film is playing in the afterdark film festival this month at bloor cinema.
  • Philogynist yesterday raymi and i went for a walk on bloor and ended up at a place that, after some less than stellar service due to extreme micromanaging by an overzealous manager? owner?
  • June 20th, 2006 at 7:52 pm argh! the sales associates at the body shop on bloor street drive me out every single time for the same reason.
  • Yep I'll have to agree HAUS on bloor w def has the best vintage upcycled fashion right now!!!!!!!!!!
  • I live in what's called 'bloordale' aka 'blansdowne' which is sound bloor & dufferin, a quick bus ride down to exhibition go station.
  • Call for Nominations: Best 24 Hour Restaurants, Perogies and More best vintage store HAUS 1265 bloor west!!!