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What is the meaning of Bi in Hindi?

Meaning of Bi in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bi

  • Bisexual. (adjective)
  • A bisexual. (noun)
  • A type of jade disk produced in ancient China. (noun)

Examples of word Bi

  • Neither do the Republicans understand the term bi-partisan, nor does the Whitehouse understand that the Republicans are motivated by the potential benefit of delay in 2010: no improvement in the economy equals more seats in the Senate.
  • Is that what you call bi-partisanship, the "third way" for losers?
  • I keep running into right/wrong dichotomies which I dub bi-polar.
  • Trust me, if you let the word 'bi' escape your lips, you've pretty much ruined your chances.
  • WTG for the Texas congress, that is what I call bi-partisan voting.


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