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What is the meaning of Bi in Hindi?

Meaning of Bi in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bi

  • Symbol for bismuth. (noun)
    बिस्मथ के लिए प्रतीक।

Examples of word Bi

  • Actually, we are more bi than many people realise: the bi and bi by and by reference above was of course alluding to that most Canadian of institutions, the Bi and Bi Commission.
  • Bi the Way: Jack is Back and discussing the term Bi-Furious.
  • Isn't the term Bi-racial or is the PC term mutli-racial … .. so hard to keep up with all the Terminology … .. especially what's the "IN 'term of the year
  • NEA and IMLS announce more than $1.5 million in Bi ...