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What is the meaning of Belvoir in Hindi?

Meaning of Belvoir in Hindi is :

Definition of word Belvoir

  • A village six miles west of Grantham, famous for the Belvoir Hunt. (proper noun)
    ग्रांथम से छह मील पश्चिम में एक गाँव, जो बेल्वोइर हंट के लिए प्रसिद्ध है।

Examples of word Belvoir

  • On a point of land on the southern shore of the river Colonel Fairfax had acquired a pleasant tract and had built a handsome house which justified the name Belvoir.
  • I suspect he is a mere Viscount, whereas Rutland's premier nobleman is a Duke and has a very impressive pile in Belvoir Castle.
  • It was this that brought him to Virginia, where he went to live at his cousin's fine mansion called Belvoir, a place not far away from the Washington estate of Mount Vernon.
  • William Fairfax, who resided at a beautiful seat called Belvoir, a few miles below Mount Vernon, and on the same woody ridge bordering the
  • "Belvoir," now the Beauvoir School, was telling Dr. Busey how he was enjoying pruning the old oak trees on his place of dead wood.
  • The name "Belvoir" is derived from the magnificent prospects lying around it in all directions, the view extending over the level country for 30 miles; more than 170 towns and villages are visible within its horizon.
  • As regards the pronunciation of the name "Belvoir," it is probable it was in early days pronounced "Beever," like the seat of the dukes of Rutland, who were akin to the