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What is the meaning of Beef in Hindi?

Meaning of Beef in Hindi is : गोमांस
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Definition of word Beef

  • A full-grown steer, bull, ox, or cow, especially one intended for use as meat. (noun)
  • The flesh of a slaughtered full-grown steer, bull, ox, or cow. (noun)
  • Informal Human muscle; brawn. (noun)
  • Slang A complaint. (noun)
  • Slang To complain. (verb-intransitive)
  • beef up Informal To make or become greater or stronger: beef up the defense budget. (phrasal-verb)

Examples of word Beef

  • So the energy in beef is much, much higher than the other foods.
  • My main beef is that over the last 20 years there has been no real discussion of police tactics and what is felt to be acceptable to the community.
  • And even if the Feinstein beef is squashed, Panetta looked forward to "consulting closely with my former partners in Congress."
  • Losing the flavor of corn in beef is like scraping away a gooey glaze.
  • Fuzzywantstoswallow your beef is the most ignorant and pathetic human being the world has ever seen.

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