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What is the meaning of Beard in Hindi?

Meaning of Beard in Hindi is : साहस के साथ सामना करना

Definition of word Beard

  • Facial hair on the chin, cheeks and jaw. (noun)
  • To grow hair on the chin and jaw. (verb)

Examples of word Beard

    • _Whiskin 'beard_, a beard like the whiskers of a cat.
    • Keimer wore his beard at full length, because somewhere in the Mosaic law it is said, "_Thou shalt not mar the corners of thy beard_."
    • The valance is the fringes or drapery hanging round the tester of a bed.] [Footnote II. 55: _Com'st thou to beard me_] To _beard_ anciently meant to set _at defiance_.
    • Grooming companies like Philips Norelco are retiring the term "beard trimmer" and calling their new models "stubble trimmers."
    • And so they're very worried about, you know, what the length of your beard is and what kind of clothes you're wearing, and the sort of the stuff which the Sufis would say is nonsense.
    • This seems unlikely, admittedly, though if you study old photos of WG Grace it's hard to avoid the conclusion that at least some of the white in his beard is the remains of a shredded terry‑cotton nappy.
    • Removing the beard is against his religious beliefs, so Singh refused the razor and instead hired a human-rights lawyer.