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What is the meaning of Be in Hindi?

Meaning of Be in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word Be

  • To exist; to have real existence. (verb)
    अस्तित्व होना; वास्तविक अस्तित्व होना।

Examples of word Be

  • Early on, I decided that if I had to be a Stockard, then I damn well would _be_ a Stockard.
  • “Bad Lieutenant” ***Superbly acted by Cage proving he can be the man when he wants to be***
  • You may not be clear on why fascism *should be* any more loaded with genocide associations than socialism.
  • Interestingly, she appears to be taking self-promotion lessons from the shy and retiring Joe Abercrombie and it must be said, what better role model can there be*?
  • The next big breakthrough MMO will probably be from the first developer to realize that trying to take on WoW on the PC is pointless, but that it's still possible to * be* to WoW of the console world.
  • Oh, and, though this may be undermining the feminist cause, as a bisexual woman, I cannot understand why 23 men would willingly..be with her.
  • If you want to be perceived as excellent, *be* excellent. . .
  • No one in the major media even blinked when Fox News military "analyst," retired Lieutenant General Tom Mc Inerney diagnosed in December 2004 what our mission in Fallujua should be~ "We must be ruthless, especially in the area of collateral damage," he said self-righteously.
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