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What is the meaning of Barr in Hindi?

Meaning of Barr in Hindi is :

Definition of word Barr

  • A surname. (proper noun)
    एक उपनाम।

Examples of word Barr

  • BARR: I think I ` m sitting here looking at the next Secretary of State in the Barr administration.
  • BOB BARR (I), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, we ` ll get things rolling in a Barr administration.
  • Donna Barr is a creator with a rich history in the comics industry.
  • As the Chicago Tribune said, "Nevada Barr is a park ranger who can write up a storm."
  • A traditional conservative like former Georgia Congressman Robert Barr is on the same side of the privacy issue as the ACLU.
  • Colin Barr at CNN Money writes that the government received fair value for TARP warrants from both American Express and Goldman Sachs, which may indicate that Treasury is finally getting tough on banks.
  • Barr is referring to a landmark Supreme Court decision (also handed down by far away unelected judges) styled Worcester v. Georgia.
  • Roseanne Barr is speaking out on her decision to slip on a wig and mustache and step into the role of psychopathic mass murderer Adolf Hilter in a new spoof photoshoot for Jewish humor magazine Heeb.