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What is the meaning of Bar in Hindi?

Meaning of Bar in Hindi is : सिल

Definition of word Bar

  • A non-SI unit of pressure equal to 100,000 pascals. (noun)
    १००,००० पास्कल के बराबर दबाव की एक गैर-एसआई इकाई।
  • To obstruct the passage of (someone or something). (verb)
    (किसी या कुछ) के मार्ग में बाधा डालना।
  • Except, with the exception of. (preposition)
    को छोड़कर, के अपवाद के साथ।

Examples of word Bar

  • I'm not going to pretend that these or any granola bar, a category of foods filled with high-fructose corn syrup and other stuff is any healthier than a candy bar*, but it's so damned good.
  • It must be remembered that the boats had entered the Niger by the _Brass_ river, the bar of which was _his bar_, and that he had bargained to act as pilot through its mouth, so that there was ample excuse for the poor wretch; this, however, in no degree lessened the danger of the position in which the little _Lark_ was placed.
  • The currents are very rapid, and carry with them quantities of sand, which the sea throws back towards the coast; this it is that forms a bar at the mouth of the river; but the currents have opened themselves a passage, which is called the _pass of the bar_.
  • I find in the music of the _Fandango_, written under one bar, _Salida_, which signifies _going out_; it is where the woman is to part a little from her partner, and to move slowly by herself; and I suppose it was at _that bar_ the lady was so overcome, as to determine not to return.
  • According to Ulrich von Hutten the elephant 'fuit mirabile animal, habens longum rostrum in magna quantitate; et quando vidit Papam tunc geniculavit ei et dixit cum terribili voce _bar, bar, bar_' (apud Theophilo Braga, _Gil Vicente e as
  • The only window-based interface element in the QuickTime X Player is reportedly the title bar, which is reminiscent of the iPhone's semi-transparent black glass interface while also adopting hues from the video frames playing beneath it.
  • I know I'm using one at least one or two versions old although it appears that the biggest change was just the start button and such, the shading on the title bar which is what seems to catch peoples' eyes is still the same
  • Put your mouse pointer on the title bar of that window, literally give it a "shake," and all other open programs minimize and disappear.
  • Between the title bar, menu bar, tabbed sites and the Windows start bar, around 40 per cent of the screen gets chewed up.