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  • One of the things I love about "Babar" is how increasingly complicated the story got the older I became (that's actually one of the things I love about most children's literature).
  • Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I did not recall the walk-on appearance, if that is the right word, of an ecstatic mob of kangaroos in Babar et ce coquin d’Arthur, Laurent de Brunhoff’s first volume (1946).
  • Monkey was a step too far, with Fergus noting it looked like a "butchered baby"; elephant was rejected after the pair gazed with respect at the huge mammal, and Fergus's eyes misted over as he recalled the Babar stories he cherished in childhood.
  • I loved the Elysian Fields reference, and also smiled when Dean called the elephant 'Babar', haha I used to love that show!
  • After more frequent run-ins around Washington, the two began to speak with more regularity and realized they shared many interests: Jay-Z, basketball, spicy Thai food and "Babar," a favorite childhood book.
  • "Babar" author Laurent de Brunhoff says the book's exercises can benefit children, but advises adult supervision.