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What is the meaning of B in Hindi?

Meaning of B in Hindi is :

Definition of word B

  • The second letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. (noun)
    मूल आधुनिक लैटिन वर्णमाला का दूसरा अक्षर।
  • Alternative form of b.. (abbreviation)

Examples of word B

  • The division-frame itself is closed by having two sheets of zinc run into it as shown in fig. 2, the one marked _b b b b_, and partly drawn out, being of solid sheet zinc; and _a a_, the other in the frame, of perforated zinc; _d_, being the screw-nut (like those in the bee-frames) by means of which it can be drawn out into the observation-frame, &c.
  • Or again, he noticed that if b is the length of the side of a square, then b² represents its area, and b³ the volume of the cube with edge equal to b.
  • Demz b speshul sunglarsis wif teh mirrer sew u cna sii hoo is following u n teh blak van…..b caerful!
  • ˜The boy sang™ is simply ˜Sang (b)™, where ˜b™ is a an unstructured symbol that stands for the boy in question (and presents him in a certain way).
  • ˆ« M pm (s, t ‰ | a, b ‰) (st ‰) dρ and likewise when (a, b²),
  • When the wave is switched off, the photon propagates in the zeroth order of diffraction to polarization analyzers respectively oriented at angles a and b, and when it is switched on the photons propagate in the first order of diffraction to polarization analyzers respectively oriented at angles a² and b².
  • Different experiments can be performed on each system, those on 1 designated by a, a², etc. and those on 2 by b, b², etc.
  • Nevertheless, in a suitable conversational setting, the phrases (b) and (b²) can be properly used to designate any of the three events: the act that turned on the light, the onset of illumination in the light, and whole process whereby the light has come to be turned on.
  • But we can see that the number of chains in which b is combined with a is equal to the number of chains in which b is not combined with a. In fact we have that P (b | a) = P (~b | ~a) =
  • The plates themselves are shaped as depicted in Fig. 55, _a, b, c, a_ and _b_ curved to meet the outlines of the shoe, and _c_ shaped so as to wedge tightly over the posterior ends of the side plates, and between them and the shoe.