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What is the meaning of Ayn in Hindi?

Meaning of Ayn in Hindi is :

Definition of word Ayn

  • Ayn, Savoie, a commune of the Savoie département of France (proper noun)
    ऐन, सावोई, फ्रांस के सावोई विभाग का एक कम्यून

Examples of word Ayn

  • Mr. A is one of the clearest examples of Ditko's belief in Ayn Rand's Objectivism.
  • ‘Ayn is “described as produced by a smart compression of the upper part of the windpipe and forcible emission of breath,” imparting a guttural tinge to a following or preceding vowel-sound; but it is by no means a mere guttural vowel, as Professor Palmer styles it.
  • To paraphrase Ayn Rand, health care does not occur in nature.
  • So, I have developed what we can call the Ayn Rand test of value: If securities traders and quants at investment firms and hedge funds started to disappear in large numbers tomorrow, would the trains that comprise our economy and society run better or worse?
  • Again my grandfather had intervened, calling Ayn and apologizing on my behalf.
  • In 1937, a budding, blocked novelist known as Ayn Rand spent six months in Mr. Kahn's office, volunteering as a file clerk while she worked out the elusive gaps in what would become The Fountainhead.
  • I assume everybody knows that "The Virtue of Selfishness" is a book by Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum (aka Ayn Rand).
  • Circulation losses pushed her to reduce The Objectivist to a smaller form again, called The Ayn Rand Letter, which appeared more and more irregularly until she ended publication in 1975.
  • The author at The Club for Growth Blog in a related article titled Ayn Rand writes: