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What is the meaning of Atkin in Hindi?

Meaning of Atkin in Hindi is :

Definition of word Atkin

  • A surname. (proper noun)

Examples of word Atkin

  • Those steeped in Alamo City advertising history may recall Atkin's dominance in the ad biz for over 30 years, with highs and lows worthy of an epic film.
  • Jonathan Atkin , an RBC Capital Markets analyst, said he expects the land-line business to continue to shrink as more consumers replace land lines with cellphones.
  • RBC Capital Markets analyst Jonathan Atkin estimates a 0.20 percentage point drop in Sprint's churn, the rate at which customers disconnect, combined with new users signing up because of the iPhone, would actually cut Sprint's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or Ebitda, by $493 million in 2012.
  • It first started making personal-size solar panels in 2007 for cellphones in Africa, but found a need among gadget addicts closer to home, says President Joe Atkin.
  • Tim Atkin , a U.K. wine critic, describes the £2 million price tag often put on the government's collection as "fanciful," saying: "I think the government should hang on to the good wines, most of which were bought comparatively cheaply, and pour the rest down the nearest Whitehall drain."
  • "As wireless networks are not known for their overcapacity, there is little potential to cancel leases or consolidate assets," RBC Capital analyst Jonathan Atkin said.
  • Dinah Rose QC summarised the obvious advantage to ministers in her Atkin Memorial lecture last year.
  • Jerry C. Atkin , who will remain chairman and chief executive of the regional airline, had vacated the president title seven years ago when the duties became part of the Skywest Airline unit.
  • I am very pleased to see racecourse attendance on the up for a third year in a row and to break the previous record is fantastic," Stephen Atkin, the chief executive of the Racecourse Association, said on Tuesday."
  • "We have a rich talent pool at all entities, and part of our renewed focus will be to effectively tap into that talent to ensure SkyWest Inc. continues to create the best value in the business," said Mr. Atkin.