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What is the meaning of Americanize in Hindi?

Meaning of Americanize in Hindi is : अमेरिका में लाकर के बसना

Definition of word Americanize

  • To make American, as to custom, culture, or style of the United States of America. (verb)
    अमेरिकी बनाने के लिए, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका के रीति-रिवाज, संस्कृति या शैली के अनुसार।

Examples of word Americanize

  • To break the deadlock, they sent an army of 9,000 men, British and German (known as Hessians to the Americans) to besiege Charleston, S.C. A few victories in the South, they hoped, would inflame Southerners loyal to King George III, causing them to rise up and allow London to "Americanize" the war.
  • Because not only do we have to dumb down ( "Americanize") Let the Right One In, now The Orphanage too?
  • The more than three hundred treaties with Native Americans broken by the U.S. government, the "Indian schools" and the reservation system to "Americanize" them and keep them out of sight, the Jim Crow laws, lynchings, legal discrimination, still-existing racist judicial system with its disproportionate numbers of African-American and Hispanic males incarcerated or executed, all resulted.
  • As individuals, families, and whole communities emigrate, they bring with them their eating habits and traditions, yet over time must and do change ( "Americanize", "Frenchify") their cuisine, adapting to available ingredients, modernizing to fit a new lifestyle.
  • What I'm wondering is how he is going to "Americanize" the sexual and perverse storylines, which have just as much to do with the film as the angst.
  • But none of this will translate in a remake, much less when your goal is to "Americanize" it.
  • That's why the Clinton administration's argument that lifting the arms embargo will "Americanize" the war doesn't make sense.
  • The comparison reflects a basic mistake we Americans make over and over again: we "Americanize" the rest of the world's conflicts, seeing them through the lens of our own national experience.