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What is the meaning of Altamira in Hindi?

Meaning of Altamira in Hindi is :

Definition of word Altamira

Examples of word Altamira

  • We had stayed at a hotel in Altamira, on the northern outskirts of Tampico, and had just started heading north toward Victoria when a policeman on foot indicated that I should do something.
  • But it's worth remembering that speeding through Altamira is asking for trouble.
  • Altamira is the worse of the two (worse in saying that they are actually trying to enforce speed limits - novel concept down here).
  • Dynasol's plant is located in Altamira (in the state of Tamaulipas) and the company has offices in Mexico City and Guadalajara.
  • Altamira is on the road back and we're picking up speed.
  • Our long-term fixed income outlook at Altamira is bullish.
  • Basf, a subsidiary of German chemical manufacturer Basf Ag, has invested more than 300 million dollars in Altamira during the present decade in plants for polypropylene and estyrene co-polymers.
  • In 2001, I have created a perfume called Altamira, the name chosen because of utter fondness of Steely Dan’s song and the concept was built on what I associated with these prehistoric caves in Spain where the first fresco were discovered.