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What is the meaning of Alai in Hindi?

Meaning of Alai in Hindi is :

Definition of word Alai

Examples of word Alai

  • Inspired by the romanticism of post-World-War-II Tijuana -- think Herb Alpert, tequila-fueled elopements, jai alai, colorful tourist art and street tacos -- Tiki Oasis 11 presents Burros, Black Velvet & Other Delights, an art show benefiting WiLDCOAST.
  • Tijuana boasts a bullfight ring, racetracks for both dogs and horses, a jai alai fronton, golf courses, museums and cultural c ... read more exploring-tourism
  • There are other activities such as skiing, skating, swimming, Jai alai (whatever this is) that rank pretty high, but I was looking for activities or exercises I can conveniently do from home.
  • He feels sparks bursting beside his ear and feels them popping through the shirt covering his shoulder, as though sprites and fairies were setting quarks to spinning or playing jai-alai with neutrinos.
  • Ultimately, Connolly got an additional life sentence in a 2008 trial on state charges for fingering World Jai Alai president John Callahan as the informant and soon-to-be witness against Bulger in the murder of Roger Wheeler, the owner of a jai alai fronton.


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