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What is the meaning of Ajar in Hindi?

Meaning of Ajar in Hindi is : चिड़चिड़ा

Definition of word Ajar

  • A member of an ethnographic group of Georgians. (noun)
    जॉर्जियाई लोगों के एक नृवंशविज्ञान समूह का सदस्य।

Examples of word Ajar

  • The Gates Ajar was rereleased by the University of Michigan in 2005.
  • One of the most popular novels of the day, The Gates Ajar, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, was the fictionalized first-person diary of a young woman whose brother died in the Civil War.
  • Within the year " Gros-C â lin " was running off the shelves and rumors that it might win the Renaudot prize, traditionally reserved for younger authors, forced Gary/Ajar to instruct his publisher to withdraw it from contention.
  • Ajar ' s second novel, a story of 14-year-old Algerian boy living in Paris called " La Vie Devant Soi, " went one better.
  • This story of a lonely civil servant, which charts his mental disintegration through its increasingly contorted syntax, was submitted for publication as the work of an unknown French writer living in Brazil calling himself É mile Ajar.
  • Jonathan Ajar is the infamous "Burglar Bunch's" alleged connection to the underworld.
  • After the door got ripped off, there was only so much hearing “The Door Is Ajar” that the super-agent could take.
  • Note 85: Robert Leroy Innes believes that Suetsugu planned the entire episode from the beginning (Innes, "The Door Ajar"). back