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What is the meaning of Aimee in Hindi?

Meaning of Aimee in Hindi is :

Definition of word Aimee

  • A female given name borrowed from French Aimée "beloved", a variation of English Amy. (proper noun)
    फ्रांसीसी एमी "प्रिय" से लिया गया एक महिला नाम, अंग्रेजी एमी का एक रूपांतर।

Examples of word Aimee

  • Lady Aimee is ill, and it does no good for her temper and her attitude, which were bad even before she became ill.
  • But he had an affair with someone called Aimee, and didn't expect any consequences.
  • A couple weeks later, I was in Aimee’s living room, with several UC-Irvine grads (Genevieve and Alice Sebold — pre-Lovely Bones), mapping out potential teams; we finally decided on the Natural Deaths vs. the Unnatural Deaths.
  • She probably should move—an action-packed blockbuster would last at least two hours, and she still had to finish the Patrol This spreadsheet, read fifty more pages of Little Women, do twenty math problems, study for a history test, and call Aimee to check in.
  • I got on my cell and called Aimee, because whatever we'd been fighting about wasn't worth it.
  • But it is not likely I shall ever make it my home again; and that is partly the reason why I want my father to adopt the notion of Aimee's living with him.
  • September 3rd, 2009 LONDON - Welsh singer Duffy, real name Aimee Ann Duffy, is said to be dating British Lions rugby star Mike Phillips.
  • For more information call Aimee at 945-0453 ext. 5dog.