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What is the meaning of Ai in Hindi?

Meaning of Ai in Hindi is :

Definition of word Ai

  • a Canaanite royal city mentioned in the Book of Joshua, popularly believed to be the modern archeological site Et-Tell. (proper noun)
    यहोशू की पुस्तक में वर्णित एक कनानी शाही शहर, जिसे लोकप्रिय रूप से आधुनिक पुरातत्व स्थल एट-टेल माना जाता है।

Examples of word Ai

  • It was set beside a notebook with the name Ai Hino on the top corner.
  • The name Ai will be familiar to readers of Princess Ai, which is written by Courtney Love, who I think would probably hang out with my Ai.
  • Like mystics here on Earth, the Na'Vi have an experience of unity of consciousness with other beings, all of which (themselves included) are really just manifestations of one Being, which they call Ai'wa.
  • Ai can be read as the Chinese word for love as well, just so you know.
  • For the computer-savvy, Ai is considered as a mixture of a Worm virus and a Trojan Horse virus.
  • Ai is China's leading artist, one of the most remarkable in the world, and on Tuesday, his work arrives for the first time in Britain, perhaps the most awaited event yet to be unveiled in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall.
  • Ai is based in a studio complex in a peculiar and intriguing corner of Beijing.
  • I like that Ai is ignorant to the non-cyber world.
  • The Na'Vi call "the conditions" by the name Ai'Wa.