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What is the meaning of Aer in Hindi?

Meaning of Aer in Hindi is :

Definition of word Aer

Examples of word Aer

  • The word aer signifies either the atmosphere, or darkness.
  • In short – the materials of this hoard were taken from the earth in former times (aer), and now, the last survivor returns them to the hruse from which it came.
  • Teh CCC is supplied at 12 Oz ob hot chokklit oar 12 Oz Martoonie per splurt. 50s bavving caps aer rated at 2 splorts, 9 splits, 5 splats adn 3 splurts ob brayn pressure.
  • Iz beddur 2 sai nuffin an let peepl fink u aer stoopie dan 2 sai sumfin an remoob awl dowt.
  • Ai aer juss goin 2 get me a glars uv red whine – mai yooshuel fing dis tiem uv teh ebenin!
  • Greek banks came under more pressure a day after the government confirmed that they aer seeking access to the rest of a €28 billion liquidity support package put in place when the credit crisis first broke out.
  • One of the first things you come to is a small theater where the doors aer emblazoned with a sedate warning that the following media presentation contains Mature Themes ... oh, you mean, like sex, dugs, and rock and roll?