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What is the meaning of Abraham in Hindi?

Meaning of Abraham in Hindi is : अब्राहम

Definition of word Abraham

Examples of word Abraham

  • For an account of these later patriarchs see articles ABRAHAM; ISAAC; JACOB; etc. The earlier patriarchs comprise the antediluvian group, and those who are placed between the Flood and the birth of Abraham.
  • CYNTHIA DE GRAF, GIRLFRIEND OF SUSPECT ABRAHAM JONES: We went to the Sol (ph) Beach Festival together, me, Abraham and my friend Bernadine.
  • For their honeymoon, they went to the south of India, and seven hours after they got there they had two twin babies, a boy and a girl which they called Abraham and Sarah, because they were fond of those holy saints.
  • The good land covenanted to Abraham is to be restored to his seed.
  • While David and I settled on the name Abraham Lincoln, the pooch stole glances up at me; through the course of the journey home, the glances got longer and longer, and by the time we got to our apartment he couldn’t take his eyes off of me.
  • First Impression: People associate the name Abraham with Abraham Lincoln and imagine a highly intelligent and trustworthy leader who’s tall, dark, and bearded.
  • Abraham is so scared of Pharaoh that he lets Pharaoh marry his wife with any word of protest.
  • Once in late '93 I flipped a Toyota truck off an icy curve on the back roads of Hudson Valley, NY; and as I crawled from the wreckage and looked back from the darkness, it was Camping's voice, booming as if God were calling Abraham to murder his son for a lark, that I could clearly hear emanating from the flickering dashboard.