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What is the meaning of AZ in Hindi?

Meaning of AZ in Hindi is :

Definition of word AZ

  • The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Azerbaijan. (noun)
    अज़रबैजान के लिए आईएसओ 3166-1 दो-अक्षर (अल्फा -2) कोड।
  • Arizona, a state of the United States of America. (abbreviation)
    एरिज़ोना, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका का एक राज्य।

Examples of word AZ

    • The only reason that hardened criminals come here, like the ones who shot that rancher in AZ, is to peddle their drugs.
    • Having once lived in AZ, and for a good many years, I can say with resolute authority that AZ is one of the best reasons anywhere to suggest a close reexamination of the second amendment, possibly with an eye to amending it to more appropriately fit modern times.
    • Even if we accept Scherer's premise that the spending in AZ is indeed a gimmick, it nevertheless sends an important message to supporters everywhere.
    • A local store here in AZ is strongly trying to create a true community - one way they have done it is to increase their second-hand inventory to movies, comics, and music to draw people in.
    • A neighbor of mine in AZ is a county sheriff: has 2 corvettes and a boat in the driveway.
    • The public parks folks must have relatives in AZ because they say and act the same way.
    • As to the immigrants themselves (mostly Mexican in AZ).
    • I live in AZ and would love for some of my kids to come down and take a job like that; small businesses are dying because of our government.
    • Out of the top 50 “fastest growing cities,” 11 of them are located in AZ, NV, CO, KS, and NM, states completely unserved (not underserved … unserved completely) by this high-speed rail plan.
    • Last time my windshield was replaced (here in AZ) I went with a company that offered 50 free dinners at a local chain rest.