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What is the meaning of 32 bit in Hindi?

Meaning of 32 bit in Hindi is :

Definition of word 32 bit

Examples of word 32 bit

  • Firefox only comes in 32bit (there is a 64bit unsupported build, but it tells you about the flash and plug in incompatibilities).
  • So I then put the 32bit Win 7 DVD in the drive and re-booted.
  • Like other people have said since Chrome and FF are only 32bit then its no issue at all.
  • Report to fix the 32bit rollover problem all you need to do is compile time_t as a 64-bit signed integer ... octopod replied to comment from Anonymous
  • I use to have a software like this that came with my AMD 3core processor when I was on XP 32bit, but since I switched to 64bit W7, that software no longer worked.


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